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Cover Design by Steve Kraitt

"My name is Jack Dixon and this is the beginning..."

With these words, supernatural adventure novel Black Moon throws you into the astonishing adventures of a young man desperate to uncover the truth behind the savage murder of his family and a mysterious cult that has changed his life forever: not to mention his own overnight transformation from average teen weakling into unstoppable super-human!

When the Dixon family camping trip to a remote spot in Dartmoor is attacked by an unknown and vicious beast of the night, Jack Dixon is left orphaned and alone. He is also amazed to discover that he has powers beyond his imagination: he has changed.


Driven by dreams of mysterious standing stones and cryptic messages from his subconscious, and on the run from a secret organisation that wants him captured dead-or-alive, Jack must use his new abilities to return to the Moors: to finally understand what really took place on the night of the Black Moon.

What has happened to Jack? What is the shadowy organisation known as Berengar? How deep does their conspiracy descend? And what really happened on the night of the Black Moon?

If you're thrilled by the GONE series and the adventures of ALEX RYDER;
if you're crazy for TEEN WOLF and mad for Marvel's AGENTS OF SHIELD,
give in to the power of the BLACK MOON!
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